Piston Classic In-Ear Earphones

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Product Features Model:E1003

  • Innovative diaphragm combining aerospace metal layer with pet brings all musical details to light with balanced sound.
  • Retro style with 3 iPhone matched color options for individual and unique identity. Winner of if awards with the piston design.
  • Rear and front damping units with robust materials for remarkable vocal projection, no distorted resonance.
  • Intelligent in-line control box combines mems mic and three intuitive buttons for hands-free playback and calls.
  • Legendary earphones for smartphones, PC, Tablet and Audio devices; Analytical and true Audio reproduction.
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5 reviews for Piston Classic In-Ear Earphones

  1. Fantasy

    If you’re tired of getting the same samsung and apple earphones that keep messing up I’d recommend these. Blocks out way more background noises and you’ll definitely hear the difference in bass. Now if they just last a good amount of time ill add that last star and go for their more expensive earphones.

  2. Steven Kim

    I keep beating them up in the gym and they keep working. Best sound quality I’ve ever had in a pair of earbuds.

  3. Doinc

    Absolutely beautiful product design and packaging design. They look amazing and the packaging is one of the few I’ve decided to keep for storage. The headphones are very comfortable and they look great and sound great. Love the addition of extra buds, though some of them are a little difficult to put on.

  4. Sanjay P

    Fantastic quality and value, do not hesitate to buy! Sound is incredibly smooth and balanced while the build quality is insane. They accidentally got bumped off my ears during a bike ride and fell under the back wheel, and there’s barely a ding! I ordered these on sale but at their normal price I would still purchase again. Highly recommended.

  5. Leah

    Nice packaging and nice sound. I like the central placement of the switches for volume and phone. They have a nice bass without being muddy. Also they do stay in the ears nicely durnig exercise. I can recommend these ear buds.

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