Piston Fit Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones

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Product Features Model:E1028BT

  • FAST & STABLEThese in-ear headphones feature an optimized Bluetooth 5 chipset which allows for faster transmission speeds and a more stable connection. Enjoy your indoor/outdoor activities without worrying about your connection dropping.
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE These ergonomic Bluetooth earbuds naturally align to the curve of your ears for a more comfortable and secure fit.
  • SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY A 10mm dynamic driver produces crystal clear sounds in an ultra-compact design for enhanced efficiency. Enjoy powerful bass and exquisite details in this compact in-ear Bluetooth headphone.
  • WATER & SWEAT RESISTANT IPX4 water and sweat resistance protects against the toughest conditions, making these excellent earbuds for any outdoor scenario.
  • MAGNETIC CLASPING EARPIECES These lightweight in-ear headphones come with magnetic rear earbud covers for convenient storage around your neck when not in use.
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Tangle Free & Durable

Soft, grooved neckband for a fatigue-free fit,reduces friction that causes tangles.High-quality aluminum alloy build provides extra protection during daily use.

Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones high quality

Powerful Clear Sound

Equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver, these earbuds produce crystal clear sound in an ultra-compact design for improved efficiency.


Magnetic Clasping Clamping Earplugs

Magnetic rear earbud covers for convenient placement around your neck when not in use.

Ear Buds with Mic Remote Waterproof Durable Ergonomic Comfort

Comfortable and Secure Fit

These earbuds naturally match the curve of your ears with 45° oblique angled ear fittings for a comfortable and secure fit.

3 additional sets of ear tips (XS / S / L) to find the right fit.


5 reviews for Piston Fit Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones

  1. Eddy K

    Size just fit, we brought up very comfortable, no burdensome feeling, especially suitable for home listening to music watching video to use, also suitable for travel or sports to carry, can finish filling a electricity use for a long time, can play continuously for a long time, is really strong, sound insulation effect is good, play music in a low voice, the connection is stable, mobile phone put on the table to go a bit further, without interruption.The whole immersion of playing music and watching movies is very good. Listening to music and watching movies at home is a kind of enjoyment

  2. Kaia Drew

    “I always lost my earphone at the gym, this one probably the third one I bought this year. I like to use them I am in the gym or do the housework at home.
    This one is a very easy pairing and very good sound. The battery life is pretty good too. I like it.”

  3. Olivier Jenkins

    “* The audio quality is crystal-clear. I really enjoy using these earphones to listen to music.
    * Setup was incredibly simple — pairing the earbuds to my mobile phone via Bluetooth was quick and seamless. The instructions are also very clear and helpful, so you should have no problems with setup.
    * The earbuds are also incredibly light, and they’re very comfortable to wear. I also appreciate the extra ear tips with different sizes.
    * The battery life is excellent. I regularly listen to music while working in the office, so I really appreciate wireless earbuds that can be used throughout the workday without the need to be constantly recharged.”

  4. Rhiannon Humphrey

    “The sounds of the headphone are so good. It helps me prevent the noise from outside, let me focus on my thought and my sports.
    The headphone comes with pre-charged; it already lasts several hours, and still works well. Hopefully, the battery life would be longer.”

  5. Yassin B

    Love the sound very much! Music just sounds even better through these earphones. I need to use earphones at work all day long so the long lasting battery really really helps.

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