Spearhead VRX Gaming Headset

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Product Features Model:H1006

  • 7.1 CHANNEL SURROUND SOUND – For a revolutionary 3-dimensional gaming experience. Stay ahead of the competition with crisp audio precision and an immersive soundstage. 8 EQ options tuned by Grammys award-winner.
  • WAVES NX HEAD TRACKING TECHNOLOGY – Delivers a hyper-realistic 3D audio experience. Nx automatically tracks your natural movements and immerses you into a virtual reality audio environment.
  • 50 mm MAGLEV GRAPHENE DRIVER – Get in the game with superior sonic detail and Super Bass VR Shock Wave for high-impact bass and sound you can feel.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE CANCELLING (ENC) – Filters out 90% of background noise with DUAL microphones for crystal clear communication with teammates or opponents.
  • COMFORTABLE AND COMPATIBLE – Stainless steel construction with cushioned suspension band for long-lasting durability and comfort. Premium gaming headphones for PC, laptop, mobile and gaming consoles.
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2 reviews for Spearhead VRX Gaming Headset

  1. Vladimir

    Positive: good sound, comfortable, fashionable.
    Cons: there is no SOFTWARE, if you wear it incorrectly, your ears hurt, and the sound disappears at any moment(even during the game).

  2. Chris Summa

    AS OF NOW THERE IS NO SOFTWARE. So you are stuck with whatever setting is the default, and it’s a step below decent. The lights are only red because there is no software to change it. The audio is really good for not being able to adjust anything. However, the headset when you first buy it sounds “tinny” but after about 30 minutes it sounds normal. I wish I can adjust the bass and volume from the headset but the wheel does not work either. The integrated mic is not the loudest as it is not close to the mouth. The mic on the aux works better but not as well as if you were to buy some turtle beaches where the mic is right in front of your mouth. I hope that if/when software comes out you can adjust this sensitivity. At the moment, buy something else for a headset as this is a waste of money right now. Adding that the pads are very shallow so after 30 minutes of wearing your ears hurt from pressing on the hard surface underneath. You need to place part of the pad on your ears and even that is not comfortable. The suspension band is cool though.
    TLTR: No software
    Lights are not adjustable
    Mic input is very soft, not a good placement for both headphone and aux mic
    Volume and bass wheel does not work
    Pretty good sound quality I will give that.
    Sounds “tinny” at first but they adjust??
    Not comfortable
    Cool suspension band innovation.

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