Stylish Dual-dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones

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Product Features Model:E1025

  • STYLISH COLOR COMBINATIONS – Choose between 4 stylish color options to match your personal preference: rose pink, platinum gold, spearmint green, and midnight black. The sound chamber, cable, and ear tips all feature the same color scheme for a timeless aesthetic.
  • DUAL-DYNAMIC DRIVER – A dual-dynamic driver featuring 1 Titanium diaphragm + 1 Graphene diaphragm in a coaxial design with two outer layers of PET deliver superior sonic detail with sizzling highs, clear mids, and deep bass.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE – Ergonomically designed earbuds with a 45° oblique angle provide a comfortable and secure fit, while 3 sets of additional ear tips ensure you get the proper seal in your ear.
  • CONVENIENT IN-LINE CONTROLS – Skip songs, answer calls, and control volume all at the simple touch of a button. A superior MEMS microphone ensures crystal clear communication without background static or cross-talk.
  • EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP – A soft and silicone wrapped cable is flexible, yet durable, allowing for easy storage in your pocket or case without getting tangled or stuck. A gold-plated L plug provides added security when plugged into your phone and in your pocket vs. the normal 3.5 mm cable that can easily bend when not careful.
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5 reviews for Stylish Dual-dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones

  1. Loren P

    They sound really nice for the money. They’ve got a little boom to them also. For the money I would definitely recommend.

  2. Zubair R

    Great sound compared to the regular Piston model single drivers.

  3. Jose M

    Better sound quality than single driver for 10-15 or so more bucks. Qualitys good they dont seem like they break easy or have a flimsy cord. Thanks for making good priced and good quality ear buds. I hope they hold up a long time.

  4. Marksim

    Nice Earphones

  5. Byron

    Good earphyones for the price.

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