1MORE (1) Year Limited Warranty

1MORE International Limited, (“1MORE”) warrants to the original retail purchaser that this product is to be free from defective materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase if it is properly used and maintained. If this product proves defective in either material or workmanship, 1MORE, at its option, will (a) repair the product with new or refurbished parts, or (b) replace the product with an equivalent new or refurbished product, at no charge for parts or labor. If the product model is no longer available and cannot be repaired effectively or replaced with an identical model, 1MORE at its sole option may replace the unit with a current model of equal or greater value. In some cases, modification to the mounting surface may be required where a new model is substituted. 1MORE assumes no responsibility or liability for such modification. TO OBTAIN A REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS WARRANTY, PLEASE RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL DEALER FIRST AND THE ORIGINAL DEALER SHALL REPAIR THE PRODUCT WITH NEW OR REFURBISHED PARTS OR REPLACE THE PRODUCT WITH AN EQUIVALENT NEW OR REFURBISHED PRODUCT.

You will be required to submit a proof of purchasing details, including but not limited to a receipt or sales invoice.

Return shipping for exchanges/repairs is the sole responsibility of the original retail purchaser.


  • This limited warranty does not cover the failure of the product resulting from improper installation, misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, mishandling, or wear from ordinary use or environmental deterioration.
  • This limited warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, including paint damage, or consequential damage to other components or premises which may result for any reason from the failure of the product.
  • This limited warranty is null and void for products not used in accordance with 1MORE’s instructions.
  • This limited warranty is null and void for products with altered or missing serial numbers and for products not purchased from an AUTHORIZED dealer.
  • This limited warranty terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer this product to another party.

International claims:

  • All international claims are subject to the same procedures outlined for our domestic customers. We however would not be able to cover any shipping costs associated with any claims, the clamant would be responsible for shipping costs both ways.