1MORE ComfoBuds 2 Bring an Unmatched Ultra Comfortable EarBuds


From a low latency gaming mode to effortless touch controls backed by a slender profile, 1MORE’s snug-fitting next generation semi in-ear ComfoBuds 2 deliver the audio goods where it matters most with nonstop comfort for 24-hours


1MORE ComfoBuds 2 Bringing an Unmatched Ultral Comfortable EarBuds


SAN DIEGO, CA – October 13, 2021 - 1MORE, a globally distributed premium consumer audio company, have brought out another set of intuitive wireless buds that tackle the age-old problem that many semi in-ear buds face; the quest for a secure but long-lasting comfortable wearing experience. 1MORE seemed to have answered this once before with the first generation of ComfoBuds with both the ComfoBuds and ComfoBuds Pro. Now, however, 1MORE is back yet again with their second generation of headphones that promise to not only deliver on the comfort conundrum as their namesake implies, but a more unique listening experience, as well. 

The ComfoBuds 2 bring the latest generation technology from Bluetooth® 5.2, longer battery life, faster charging, and 12 clever built-in EQ profiles tuned by both their in-house Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi and Sonarworks who have long been synonymous with calibrated sound, revered and used by sound engineers and producers across the globe. All available in the ComfoBuds 2 at the same low price as the original model at just $59.99.

One of the many issues semi in-the-ear earbuds face – wireless or not – is that they either fall out at a sharp twist of the neck and/or start to feel like something is digging another hole in the ear canal, something that goes against what they are designed for. 1MORE’s latest generation ComfoBuds 2 solves this problem by being engineered from the ground-up to find the perfect fit. 1MORE’s 4.3 gram earbuds (per bud) prove that a snuggly-fitting pair of semi in-ear buds can exist. Gone are the days of striving to find the perfect seal between the earbud and ear drum with one that doesn’t feel like a dagger being lodged into the external auditory canal. Moreover, the latest ComfoBuds less intrusive fit is backed by replaceable silicone antibacterial ear-tips that will ensure all-day & night secure comfort on-the-go without the worry of losing the finest details of your favorite playlist. With the support of the AAC codec, the ComfoBuds 2 ensure a pure and clear wireless sound on both Apple and the latest Android devices.

As with 1MORE’s more recent ColorBuds 2 release last month, 1MORE takes another approach to tackle the issue of finding the sound that’s right for you with 12 pre-set EQ settings built into the 1MORE MUSIC Apple and Google app. Using the combination of 4-time Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi and Sonarworks’ team, they’ve developed 12 studio-grade EQ settings that cover all the bases allowing you to choose the perfect sound settings to enjoy each genre of music, movie, or podcast. By leaning on Luca’s expertise and Sonarworks’ PRO technology trusted by over 100,000 recording studios globally, you’re ready for the ultimate listening experience that no other wireless semi in-ear buds can achieve at this price point. With the ComfoBuds 2’s 13.4mm ultra-large dynamic driver and LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) composite diaphragm, these buds will deliver a clear, natural sound, restoring more details in the music from vocals, to guitars down to bass.

It’s not always about getting the perfect sound, though. Sometimes you just want to be heard. Thanks to no less than 4 ENC (Environmental Noise Canceling) microphones – 2 of them per earbud – you’ll always have the last word. 1MORE’s environmental noise cancelling mics work together with their DNS (Dragon Natural Speaking) speech recognition and advanced algorithm to effectively suppress the environmental noise around you. If you’re an avid mobile gamer, you’ll be glad to know that your teammates can hear every last word clearly. Speaking of gaming, the ComfoBuds 2 includes a “Gaming Mode” housed within the company’s MUSIC App to reduce those nasty spikes of audio-video syncing. This mode will help to reduce the latency to a mere 100ms.

Don’t think that those extended gaming sessions will come to a halt abruptly because now the new ComfoBuds 2 increase their overall battery life from 18-hours to 24-hours over the original generation. While the buds don’t offer the full 24-hours from start to finish in one go, just 15-minutes in the UV coated, fingerprint-free case delivers 6-hours of playtime. 1MORE ComfoBuds 2 also features IPX5 water & sweat resistance to wick away that moisture for a more durable & long-lasting wearing experience. Add in smart-ear detection for auto play & pause as you take a bud from out the ear, you’ll never miss a moment.  Just triple tap either earbud thanks to the ComfoBuds 2 effortless touch controls and ask Siri to find your next destination.

For a limited time only from 00:00 10/13 to 23:59 11/12, PDT, use code “COMFOBUDS2” to take 15% off the ComfoBuds 2. Now available at 1MORE.com and all Amazon marketplaces.

For more information on the 1MORE ComfoBuds 2, visit 1MORE.com and connect with 1MORE on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram.

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