1MORE Launched ComfoBuds Z to Bring Better Sleep


It’s mission is challenging but 1MORE believes it’s developed a new level of buds to aid with both deep sleeping and to improve those rare moments of Zen with it’s new ComfoBuds Z building on it’s already successful ComfoBuds product lineup of True Wireless buds

1MORE Launched ComfoBuds Z to Bring Better Sleep

SAN DIEGO, CA – July 20, 2021 - 1MORE, a globally distributed premium consumer audio company, today announced their first foray into the increasingly popular sleeping aid headphone market with it’s brand new ComfoBuds Z in an effort to improve the impact of sleep on our health and wellbeing. These may look like your typical True Wireless bud, however the new ComfoBuds Z can actually double up as a sleeping aid in bed, or for those moments where you need some quiet down time. 1MORE claims that these 2-in-1 earbuds do much more than help you get to dreamland as the 30 built-in soothing sounds can calm you down in those occasions that you want to switch off from the world to enjoy a moment of peace, or to sit back & relax with your favorite beverage or book – free of distractions.

1MORE believes it’s meticulously picked built-in soothing sounds are proven to trigger your inner senses to sleep more effectively and unwind easier. With the 1MORE MUSIC App – a free download available on both Apple & Google platforms – users can pick from an array of 30 sounds to suit their preference or moods for each occasion; that deep sleep or long relaxation you’ve been longing for is now only a few taps away. There is a delicate balance to get right when it comes to wearability but 1MORE has set out to solve those issues when it comes to sleeping with a pair of earbuds which is why their latest sleeping buds – the ComfoBuds Z – come under their new ‘ComfoBuds’ series of True Wireless earbuds where form, comfort and function all marry into one to deliver an earbud that’s both discreet & comfortable as well as delivering the goods; for example it’s sound isolation performance.

Like 1MORE’s recently launched ComfoBuds and ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless earbuds – a 2021 CES Innovation Honoree Award-winner – the ComfoBuds Z feature great sound, a full-range balanced armature, an upgraded Bluetooth chip and still tuned by 1MORE’s in-house sound designer and sound engineering specialist Luca Bignardi, a four-time Grammy-award winner no less. Added to this, the ComfoBuds Z have been sculpted perfectly for most people’s ear canals to create the tightest seal possible without discomfort leading to a total noise reduction of up to 24dB that is quite astonishing for a pair of True Wireless earbuds without active noise cancellation. This results in a new world of relaxation to enjoy listening to your favorite Podcasts or to soothe you softly off to sleep from the many different built-in sounds offered by 1MORE. The included 4 sets of hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial eartips compliment the design of the earbuds allowing for a pleasant fit so that you are not woken in the middle of the night by the loud snoring of your partner and other distracting nighttime sounds. The high-grade silicon eartips are a comfortable alternative to foam earplugs, which are often too big for the average ear canal.

The 2021 iF DESIGN Award-winner is just as much a fashion statement as it is a more than capable performing True Wireless earbud thanks in-part to 1MORE’s vision of crafting beautiful products that work for you and that flow with the shapes & contours of the body with its ingenious design that’s practical and pleasing to the eye. This means that the ComfoBuds Z can fit seamlessly into your life no matter the challenges or changes; play Podcasts in peace & serenity, stream your favorite music or movies with less distraction or simply just switch off from the world around you and drift off into a quieter place as you commute on a flight or fall off to sleep in bed. Itsdesign means that these buds do not pressure the user's ears when they lie down sideways to listen to music or to sleep. The possibilities are endless with it’s lightweight 2.7g construction and small form factor allowing them to be ultra-portable for on-the-go travel or to slip into your nightgown pocket with ease.

The ComfoBuds Z are intelligent earbuds for everyday audio listening with superior external noise blocking capacity. Moreover, they include 5 auto-off timers for those times you want to wind down for the day or night when picking one of the 30 included soothing sounds – such as sea waves, waterfalls, forests, and fires to mimic pink noise, all proven to help relieve pressure and sleep. A range of 30 to 150-minute timers can be set as you pick your desired time window to fall into your dreams, that furthermore aids with battery conservation when no longer needed as you hit the land of nod. Thanks to their ergonomic design, they should mold to you as you sleep, even if you're one of many who like to toss & turn throughout the night.

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