The 1MORE Affiliate Program - Info & FAQs

The 1MORE Affiliate Program - Info & FAQs



About the 1MORE Affiliate Program

The 1MORE Affiliate Program is an opportunity for website managers and social media influencers to earn money by driving traffic to 1MORE’s website and earning a commission on any products sold from that customer through your affiliate link.  If you're an influencer with an audience who cares about high-end audio and the latest and greatest tech, or your audience does, then we want you in our network.  


Why Choose the 1MORE Affiliate Program?

1MORE is among the fastest growing preeminent brands for affordable headphones in the industry. 1MORE’s award-winning headphones are used by music lovers all around the world.  Become associated with one of the top brands in the headphone industry and earn money at the same time. Our headphones range in price from $29 all the way up to $200, so there is plenty of opportunity to earn good commissions on a wide range of products across multiple categories. Our headphones reflect cutting-edge advancements in technology, manufacturing, and user experience, so we’re sure there is a 1MORE headphone right for your audience.  In addition, our commission rates are competitive and performance driven, so how much you can earn is up to you.


What Does It Mean To Be An Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate is easy.  Pending approval of your website, you simply place 1MORE’s ads or embed links in your website. When someone clicks on the ad or link and purchases an item from us, you get paid within one month.  1MORE will provide the links and assets you need through our affiliate partner, Impact Radius.  Simply complete the signup process, get approved, and you can select the ads that fit your audience.  Already have content about 1MORE on your site?  Simply add links to product names or wherever you think is a fit for your audience or platform.  Are you a social media influencer? Then simply add your custom link to your images or in the image caption, and you are off and running. To learn more about how and when you get paid apply to the program at the link below.

 Apply now to our general program.

How Does 1MORE Support Its Affiliates?

Benefit from 1MORE’s world class marketing team that is already busy promoting our products.  We have a dedicated team of professionals that are actively promoting and positioning our products in key media and channels, all of which you can benefit from, at no cost to you.  In addition to that, 1MORE has an annual promotions calendar, where you can participate in key sales periods, and use our promotions to grow your own sales. 1MORE will also support its affiliates by creating world-class assets that represent our industry leading brand.  Have a special request or need?  Simply engage us through our platform or email us at, and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


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