Tips for Working Remote


We all hope that you're staying healthy and safe during this time. With many offices, including ours, switching to remote work we wanted to provide some helpful tips for your new home environment:  

1. Keep up your daily routines. 

Get up, get dressed and get ready as you would during your normal work week. Trying to keep yourself on a schedule will help you stay balanced between work and life. It’ll also help to make sure you keep up any self care routines. 

2. Create a workspace. 

While some may have dedicated offices for their workspace, the reality is not all of us might. It is important to create a workspace to not only help get your mind in work time mode, but also to create a physical divide for taking breaks and your personal life. 

3. Get up and move around. 

Don’t forget to take a moment to get up and stretch, or take a phone call while pacing around your home to get your blood flow going. 

If you are looking for some headphones to help you while working remotely, check out our guide below:


You’re likely taking a lot of your meetings via phone or video calls now, and assuming you don’t have a full livestream setup in place already, consider a pair of headphones to help you hear and be heard.  


If you’re working off your laptop while remote, consider hooking up a monitor for dual screen productivity, while also taking advantage of your laptop’s headphone jack to listen to music. 


For the noisy environments you may now find yourself in, whether it's all your roommates working remote or new doggie coworkers, consider using headphones with active noise cancelling. You’ll be able to tune into your music, while tuning out your surroundings.  

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