The best tech for celebrating Valentine’s Day

Great Gadgets For Guys and Gals

There’s never been a better year to give the gift of an awesome gadget and there's no shortage of sweet-spot tech toys for both of you too. For superb bling, check out DNA jewelry from Identity Inside's ($500 to $1,300). This new start-up makes rings and pendants to preserve an actual DNA sample, locked-in and protected by a diamond.

If you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t require a saliva sample, Ringly ($195 to $260) is a gorgeous choice that syncs with her smartphone to offer notifications for texts, emails, calls and more.  Other great blingy-options for women include the Fitbit Tory Burch collection, Misfit Swarovski Shine pendants and bracelets, or even crystal-studded ear buds from 1More ($79.99). Many of these options are available to order last minute on Amazon or pick up locally at the Apple Store, Best Buy, Target or even Walmart.

See the full list of V-Day products from USA Today here.

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