These Swarovski Crystal Earbuds May be the Best Audiophile Valentine's Gift

Generally speaking, it's relatively safe to say that many audiophiles tend to be male.  What then do you get for the female music lover in your life for Valentine's Day?  How about Swarovski Crystal in-ear headphones?

1MORE has released the 1MORE Crystal Piston in-ear headphones, which is a set of pink and black in-ear headphones capped with genuine Swarovski crystals.  The Swarovski crystals are located on the back of the in-ear headphone casing and are clearly visible as you wear them.  The Swarovski crystals are cut with a chessboard pattern.

The headphones come in a two-pack that seems to be perfect for either the casual time out or a formal affair

The set of in-ear headphones comes impeccably boxed.  Each in-ear headphone sits in a slick, silicone-style rounded holder that you could easily reuse to carry around the earbuds in a purse or display on a dresser.

The earbuds come with an Apple-compatible three-button controller, though the in-ear headphones don't specifically state that they are iPod or iPhone certified.  The 1More says that the Cyrstal's cable is covered in Kevlar fibers, which lends durability to the cable.  We loved the feel of the cable and confirmed 1More's claim that the cable's outer shell helped reduce the "stethoscope effect" and thwarted cable tangle to a certain degree.

How much will that Swarovski bling cost?  Not as much as you might think. The 1More Crystal Piston in-ear headphone two pack is available for only $49.99.

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