Information on THX Certification for 1MORE True Wireless ANC Headphones


Information on THX Certification for 1MORE True Wireless ANC Headphones

The 1MORE True Wireless ANC headphone was released in January of 2020. Since launch 1MORE has worked closely with THX® to make sound profile modifications which further enhance the audio output quality and achieve overall design excellence--becoming the World’s First THX Certified True Wireless in-ear headphones. The continued partnership between 1MORE and THX highlights the mutual dedication to delivering the highest audio standards to consumers. THX Certified sound and quality is available on units manufactured from June 2020 forward and with firmware version 3.62 or higher. To check whether your unit is THX Certified follow the simple steps below. 

How can I confirm whether my 1MORE True Wireless ANC is THX Certified?

--The easiest way to check is to identify the UPC on the back of the box, underneath the manufacturer’s address you will find a manufacturing date. If the date is June 2020 (2020.06) or later you most likely have a THX Certified unit.

--Check your firmware version. Download the 1MORE MUSIC App, pair your True Wireless ANC headphones to your device and open to the app. An icon will indicate if you have any pending firmware updates. Follow the directions here to update your headphones. 

 Now that you have confirmed your manufacture date and firmware version you can confidently enjoy your 1MORE True Wireless ANC with the added THX Certification for overall enhanced performance. Happy listening from the 1MORE family.   


Additional FAQ:

Q: I am having problems trying to update my firmware, what can I do to troubleshoot?

A: You can visit our blog post on how to update the firmware on the True Wireless ANC headphones here:

For additional support or questions, please contact:

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