Serious Listening: A Review Of 1MORE USA Headphones

If you have ever thought to yourself, “I wish my headphones were less boring” or have come to blows with friends and loved ones over tangled, white piles of indistinguishable headphones, listen up, because we have the cure to these woes. Just before the New Year, 1MORE USA unveiled a high tech lineup of headphones, all tuned by Luca Bignardi, Grammy Award-winning sound designer, and I road-tested two different models.

If you’re looking for a serious pair of headphones to get you through the winter and beyond, the Multi-Unit In-Ear Headphones (model EO323), at $79.95, will do the trick.

There are plenty of tech-specs that go over my head, which you’re welcome to read all about on the product page, here, but in layman’s terms, I was amazed at the quality and range of sound that these produced, from treble to bass. The sound transitions between different genres of music and then to a podcast or audiobook without a reduction of clarity. Though this isn’t a stated feature of the pair, with the sound turned to maximum volume, the sound of a noisy subway was almost entirely blocked.

The headphones rested firmly and comfortably in my ears thanks to two factors: the smallest earpiece suited me the best, and these headphones are mounted at oblique angles, creating a more natural fit with the ear canal.

The cord has a mic and controller attached, which is a wonderful feature, allowing the user to answer and end phone calls with one click of a button. The same button will play, pause, and skip songs on iTunes, Spotify, etc., and control the volume. Additionally, the kit comes with an adapter that creates compatibility with all Android phones.

Sleek and stylish, with a white cord and a touch of gold on the earbuds, you’ll know which pair is yours. As a gift, it comes packaged in a structured black box, beautifully laid out, with an added black carrying case for the headphones and a large range of earpiece choices. At first I doubted the need for the carrying case, but I’ve come to love the order it brings to my purse, and reduces wear and tear on the headphones.

The Crystal Piston In-Ear Headphones (model EO301) comes in a two-pack, one black pair and one pink pair, each with matching Swarovski crystals on the outside of each earbud. They are fully compatible with iOS, but Android compatibility depends the model; the E0301 does not include the Android-compatibility kit, so check your device to be sure. At $79.99 for two, however, they’re half the price of the Multi-Unit model EO323.

The sound quality for this model was good, but not markedly better than other high-end headphones, though the sound varies depending on how well the earpiece fits your ears. The model comes with one already attached, and three alternative sizes, both smaller and larger than the preset, and trial-and-error helps achieve best audio results. The mic/sound controller is the same as the EO323 model, and proves to be an ideal feature for the winter, when you want to minimize time with your hands out of your pockets.

The headphones come packaged in silicone discs that correspond to each headphone’s color. Though it neatly showcases the crystals, it doesn’t substitute as an earbud holder. It’s possible to cram them back into the packaging, but it isn’t easy. That said, even jammed into a pocket or tossed into a bag, the braided cord truly doesn’t tangle, and always unraveled with ease when pulled out.

Without question, the best part is the glam factor, and it’s no mystery why this model won a 2015 Design Award. Wearing my sparkly, Swarovski crystal, pink headphones added a needed pop of color to my wardrobe, and I could feel people eyeing them as I strolled past. You could keep one pair for yourself and give the other to a friend, but more likely you’ll be tempted to keep them both for yourself and swap colors based on your mood. It goes without saying that the aesthetic of these headphones is more geared towards women, but I see no reason why men couldn’t rock a pair if they wanted.

It should be on everyone’s New Year’s Resolution List to listen to more music. There’s no better way to kick off that goal than by snagging yourself a stylish new pair that won’t break the bank. Look no further than 1MORE USA.

To read more about these products and check out 1MORE USA’s full line of headphones, head to their website here.

-Emily Gawlak

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