Delivering Music

A brand runs only as deep as the people behind it. It’s my 2-year anniversary
working with 1MORE and any personal success has been carried and coaxed by
the amazing team around me. All of you have shown kindness, insight, and
sacrifice. If I have any goal to be defined- it is to bring the very best out of the
very best people to be the very best brand. And then... challenge myself to catch

I’m glad I came into this without too many preconceived ideas. The digital market
evolves far too quickly to pretend one truly knows anything at all. I’m a newborn
every morning. I learn from our family of 1MORE soldiers, from our relentless
competition, from the matrix of constantly updating information, from an unending
desire to know enough to continue to grow our brand on a global scale.

I have been recently challenged by Gary to share MORE. Sometimes I get lost in
creation, sometimes correspondence, but most of the time I’m so enamored by
the great work of others I don’t want to interfere. This is ultimately a mistake.
Something I will change “hear” and now. I will learn as much or more from
sharing than anyone will learn from me. He’s asked me to do this twice a month,
to keep them short, and to not worry about making them perfect. Read them or
not, they are here when and if you need a little push.

I don’t understand fate. I know that my life has been devoted to four careers-
acoustic engineering and producing, writing and reviewing, teaching and training,
advertising and selling. All of these have been centered around the idea of
delivering music. Nothing does that better than our headphones. 1MORE delivers
music through excellence and value in a way no other brand can or ever will. I
have seen it on a very personal level…. we have the talent, scale, and passion
no other brand can emulate. We belong on the world’s stage, not as a minor
player, but as the lead. My message for my first internal company blog is this:
Go forth and design, innovate, construct, refine, market, and sell not
headphones, but music. You are all artists delivering music with soulful accuracy.
We can pierce the hearts of our customers as long as our aim is true. Through
authentic craftsmanship, we are the only headphone brand that can tell the truth.
Our products are transparently clear and so shall we be. Go out and shout it
across mountain tops, whisper in your friend’s ears, meditate it in a mantra... “we
create and sell the best headphones in the world and in time all the world will

If anyone, from any Geo, from any position, would like to share ideas, discuss our
products in detail, discuss how to evoke the passion we deserve in consumers,
media, and reviewers alike, I am available. I apologize if in the past I have not
been as available. We’ve been pretty tied up getting things rolling out west. I
know you all understand that. I’m here… and there’s nothing more fun than
talking about the technology and business of delivering music.

Next bi-week… some insights on Luca Bignardi and the art of tuning. We’ve
spent a lot of time together (never enough), and he is truly one of a kind. Definitely the only MAN I’ve shared a five-hour dinner with without noticing the
time. :)

~David Kellogg, CBO

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